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Metalliance, France specialises in providing innovative equipment for the transport (including rail and underground tunnelling) and energy industries with a wide range of standard and bespoke solutions for specific applications.

Metalliance invented the special mobile rubber-tyred Multi-Service Vehicle (MSV and Multi-Purpose Gantry (MPG) for underground tunnelling applications. They also patented the design of Track Layer for above ground automated high-speed rail sleeper and track laying. Equipment offered includes:

Multi-Service Vehicle:
These are special rubber-tyred vehicles that can be used in place of rails underground in tunnels from 4m-14m++ diameter. These variable-camber wheeled articulated multi-function vehicles are increasingly being used in preference to rails in many countries. They can carry segments, people, equipment, tools and concrete into the tunnel to reduce downtime, improve safety and logistics between the access shaft and the TBM . Capable of carrying loads up to 180 tons (depending on size of tunnel) and handling slopes up to 15% with tight radius curves, these unique vehicles are now available with electric drive also. The longer the length of the tunnel, the more cost-effective they are to use.

Multi-Purpose Gantry:
The multi-purpose gantry is a self-propelled gantry that rolls on tunnel bottom sides. It spans the invert segments that will receive the sleepers and rails underground and will lay them without automatically. They can also be used to bring in concrete for laying in the tunnel. These bespoke machines were first made for underground sleeper and track laying used to build the Crossrail Tunnels.

HSR Track Layer:
The HSR Track Layer is another unique piece of equipment from Metalliance. It is a rubber-tyred vehicle with a crane that sits on a track to be laid with sleepers and rails. It lifts the sleepers onto the body of the equipment. When it moves forward, it automatically deposits the sleepers on the tracks and fixes them. In the second phase, it has a wagon equipped with the rail tracks which it pushes out and lays on top of the sleepers. This results in speedy, accurate laying of HSR sleepers and tracks with minimum manpower.

All-Electric Tunnel Service Vehicle (e-TSV):
Metalliance’s latest product is an all-electric tunnel service vehicle. Developed and tested over the last seven years in collaboration with French institutes and launched in 2017, it is now operating in the Rennes Metro in France.

Salient features include zero emission, modular and silent operation. It uses special Lithium-Ion battery packs with an integrated electric charger. Electric motors near the wheels ensure high performance.

Available in sizes capable of transporting up to 100 ton loads, these state-of-the-art e-TSV’s provide safety and efficiency in tunnel operations.

Over 50 project reference since 1993 (information available in Metalliance Brochure below)

Product Range

Multi-purpose Vehicles (MPV)
Rubber-tyred trains (TSP)
Automatic Sleeper Laying

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Metalliance Brochure
Rubber Tyred Underground Vehicles
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