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130 years ago Maccaferri invented Gabions and dramatically changed civil engineering’s landscape. Today, it is a global company, with more than 70 subsidiaries operating in 5 continents, with an on-site presence in more than 100 countries, and nearly 3000 employees: they are highly-specialized professionals trained in designing and developing complex solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets, providing clients with specialist technical consultancy and support; project technical analysis, design, solution/product selection and (in some regions) installation.
Soil Nailing is a technique that can be used either on natural or excavated slopes, where the slope is reinforced by the insertion of tendons. The nails address the global slope stability, which are connected in turn to a facing system which provides surficial stability.
Excavation Consolidation and Reinforcement are techniques used to stabilise the tunnel faces and excavation, enabling the safe and rapid advance of even large diameter tunnels. This method enables fast progress with large sized excavations. It tends to be used in particular geological conditions and in soils considered to be difficult to excavate. The techniques involve reinforcing the excavated faces by installing fibreglass elements in sub-horizontal holes, which are then grouted to form a set of micro-piles around the entire section.
Projects in Singapore supplied by Maccaferri:
Soft Eye
MRT Thomson East Coast Line T220 – Great World Station
MRT Thomson East Coast Line T221 – Havelock Station
Soil Nail
Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal Contract 3
Business Park at Science Park Drive

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