About Us

We provide one-stop tunnelling solutions

ASIANDO ENGINEERING (“ASIANDO”) is a Singapore registered company specializing in tunnelling products and solutions. ASIANDO was founded with the vision to become a leading one stop tunnelling solutions provider in Singapore and the ASEAN region. All our solutions are from reputable international partners with strong track records and are widely regarded in the industry.

Together with our partners, we carry out extensive engagement with our clients to ensure that solutions are designed through a deep understanding of our client’s needs. This is in line with our mission to improve their construction efficiency, increase confidence in their strategic decision making and assist them in achieving success in demanding and competitive markets.

To achieve this, our solutions combine superior functionality and competitiveness. ASIANDO offers comprehensive tunnel solutions ranging from Segment Carousel Systems, Tunnel Boring Machines (“TBM”), Locomotives, Multi-Service Tunnel Vehicles (“MSV”) and associated tunnelling accessories.

Our vision is to become a leading one stop tunnelling solutions provider in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

Our mission is to significantly improve the business of those we serve; by improving their construction efficiency, increasing confidence in their strategic decision making and assisting them to achieve success in demanding and competitive markets.


We are trustworthy, honest and transparent
We are open, honest and direct. We share information and knowledge. We can be counted on to keep our word.

We are enthusiastic, passionate, fun
We are excited and passionate about our job and always on the lookout for opportunities to improve ourselves and our team. We enjoy our time at work and try to make the mundane fun.

We are respectful, friendly, mutually supportive
We respect each other and support each other to achieve our goals. We treat others the way we want to be treated.

We are nimble, smart, and resourceful
We absorb information quickly and can identify the underlying issues in a complex situation. We are able to think on our feet and achieve results despite difficulties. We are able to deal skilfully and promptly with new situations.

We are open to change, eager to learn
We are never content with our current state. We never stop learning or improving. We embrace change. We constantly experiment, try new things to improve the way we work. We are always questioning how we can do things better.

We are selfless, committed to the greater good of the company and each other
The common good of our organisation and our clients comes before our immediate personal needs. We are able to look beyond our own short term goals and focus on the client’s broader goals and needs. We know that this will make everyone, including ourselves, better off in the longer term.

We are frugal, entrepreneurial, we do more with less
We are a small company with limited resources punching way above our weight. We have way fewer resources than our global competitors, but we are making far better use of them. We are motivated by challenges. Luxury, waste and status symbols are frowned upon.

We deliver results dependably and consistently
We don’t deliver excuses, just results. We make our clients stars in their industry by delivering great solutions that we are all proud of. We make sure that we deliver exceptional value to our clients and superior experience to them and their end users.